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Having proper insulation in your home greatly reduces airborne contaminants in your living environment. The foam, when expanded, minimizes airflow and moisture movement through the walls. Spray foam insulation won’t allow pollutants or allergens from the outside to enter the building, and they don’t facilitate the growth of mold which can also cause allergic reactions.

Some other insulation such as the pink fiberglass that used to be industry standard actually causes more damage to the air in your house. This is not the case with the fully stable 100% water blown spray foam formulations by Gaco. All of our spray foams do not shrink and do not emit harmful chemicals into the air.

If you have trouble sleeping because of outdoor noise pollution, maybe better insulation is the answer to quiet nights. Having walls filled with airtight, light density foam can significantly reduce noise levels within your home. Even if it’s not cars on the street, but your son’s loud music, the insulation will even reduce ambient noise traveling from room to room.

For a healthy home, choosing the right insulation is critical. Whether a member of your family is sensitive to hay fever, pollution, mold or even noise pollution, you must be sure that the insulation you decide on will help your family for years to come. Gaco Insulation offers only the best insulation products for a wide range of applications. We will guide you through the process of picking the right insulation formula for your needs.