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Spray foam insulation in a New Orleans home offers more benefit than most realize.

Many spray foam advertisements you may see or hear will headline about the huge savings you will acquire, which is true of course. You can see anywhere between a 45% to even a 70% savings instantly in some cases on your utility bill by properly insulating the three most important locations of your home: Sub-floor, attic and walls.

But as awesome as that sounds it’s hard to believe that, that just barely scratches the surface. I guess you just have to look at it from a salesman’s point of view….. “Huge Savings, up to 70% instantly on utility bills”.

Pretty attractive right? Well, now that we have your attention, let me bring a few more benefits that you may not have realized from first glance.

New Orleans Spray Foam

Air quality, I’m sure this would probably not come off a big surprise, but what exactly does air quality mean to you or even your family? Well, next time you change the air filter in your home take a minute and look at the appearance of the air filter on your return. Now remember, the appearance is based off many factors. How much do you spend on your air filters? That plays a major factor on how much it actually filters the air in your home. So lets just say you don’t buy the cheapest air filter at Home Depot, but nor do you buy the most expensive air filter there either. Which is completely understandable of course.

So, now that we are looking at our air filter at the end of the month, it may seem pretty “gross” for a lack of better words. Now, luckily that’s just what our air filter was able to trap and unfortunately we probably breathe in a vast majority of those pollutants in while we are sleeping. Well, with all that said, spray foam insulation can instantly improve the quality of your homes air by a number so large if I included it in this blog you would probably find yourself in disbelief.

If you find that hard to believe… Well, if you live in an older New Orleans style home and if at least 50% of your home has hardwood floors than I can almost guarantee you that those beautiful finished floors are also serving as your main sub-floor. What’s this mean exactly? ¬†Well, new construction homes would have a half inch to three quarter inch plywood subfloor with the finished hardwood floor on top. Which makes the air exchange rate pretty low, versus the high air exchange rate of just your finished hardwood floors. “I know you see those gaps between planks”

Now, lets throw your a/c return in the equation. You know, the thing that you have to deal with once a month to change your air filter. Well, you better believe all the seventy plus years of dusty or damp air is being pulled through those cracks into your home and circulated back into the air you breathe at least eight hours a day. Not to mention, in the summer your a/c is not just trying to cool down the hot air in your home, but is also compensating for all the hot air that is being pulled from outside as well. Which in most cases makes it nearly impossible for you a/c to come close to being able to cool your home down enough to turn off and take a break.

Which is directly related to the reason why your utility bill is to the moon every month, your a/c never turns off….. and uses a huge amount of power throughout most of the day.


Okay, so we just touched on a few thing in the areas of savings and health. Lets sort of turn it around to a benefit that you may not have even crossed your mind.

Sound control, hmmm well unlike your traditional insulations such as fiberglass and blown in materials, spray foam seals these voids you insulate by bonding to the surface it is applied to which creates a barrier that blocks and/or reduces airborne sound waves. Live or plan on building in a city or busy suburb? This might be a dream come true if you enjoy the nice sound of peace and quiet.

Thanks, for reading if you made it this far. If you are still interested in learning more about spray foam please feel free to visit our blog, and if you are interested in getting an estimate you can easily contact us by clicking here to schedule an appointment today. It’s free, and even if you are just curious on having someone come out and speaking with you to learn more about what you can do to live a little greener feel free to contact us we would love to help.


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