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Rhino Linings Spray Foam Insulation Featured in VISION House

Check out his article from Rhino Linings, the case study is very interesting.

Spray foam insulation by Rhino Linings is part of a unique project at INNOVENTIONS in Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort. The interactive, storytelling exhibit demonstrates some of the choices that a family can make if they want to live in a sustainable way.

The Green Builder Media exhibit highlights resource-efficient systems and products, like BioBased Insulation® by Rhino Linings, that families can choose for their homes today. The VISION House has even been rated by a RESNET Home Energy Rater to back up its high-performance claims.

The VISION House project profile is a great tool to use with customers to help them understand the importance of high performance spray foam insulation and other products in creating an efficient, comfortable home.
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Green Builder Media’s VISION House exhibit at INNOVENTIONS in Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort is a case study in green building and living. It was even rated by a third-party RESNET Home Energy Rater, EnergyLogic, to back up its high-performance
claims, and it would actually produce more

energy than it uses.

While the VISION House is an exhibit, not
a real home, both Disney and Green Builder Media have worked to make it a practical and interesting teaching tool that demonstrates some of the resource efficient systems that families could choose for their home.

With the addition of BioBased 501w® open cell spray foam insulation by Rhino Linings, the home’s energy envelope, which includes its doors, windows, walls and roofing, is complete. The energy envelope along with the home’s HVAC system and solar array make up all of the pieces that are needed to evaluate how efficient the home would be to operate if it were constructed today.

“The VISION House’s net zero energy status comes as no surprise to us,” says Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman. “We hand selected the very best partners and products when putting together a model green house to show visitors that having a green home is accessible. Many of the products that help the house achieve its net zero energy score are well within reach from a price standpoint. Used together, as a system, they create a super- tight, energy-efficient house that ensures homeowners will not be saddled with budget-busting utility bills each month.”

A HERS rating—fast becoming as ubiquitous as the MPG sticker on a car—analyzes how energy efficient a home is in comparison to other similar homes. It provides a measure of the energy use of the home based on its specific physical characteristics and systems. The lower the score, the less energy the home uses.

“Today, we have had 7 of the 10 largest home builders in the United States—including Pulte, KB Home, and Meritage—make the commitment to provide a HERS rating on their homes,” says Steve Baden, executive director of RESNET, which administers the HERS rating. In 2011, 40% of all houses built in the United States had a HERS rating.

In addition to providing HERS ratings for physical houses, an energy rater can model a house plan to let the builder and prospective home owner know how that house will perform when built. Modeling also allows you to compare a specific home, like the VISION House, to more traditionally built structures and get some idea of the amount of savings that specific systems or products contribute to the overall efficiency of the home.


A main contributor to the VISION House being net zero is the use of renewables, like the 9 kW Hanwha Solar PV array on this house. But a key component that the house lacked until now was a tight building envelope.

“The biggest impact in energy efficiency realized by the use of BioBased 501w® open cell spray foam is that it provides an air seal for the home’s thermal envelope,” said Cam Shafer, building science and codes manager for Rhino Linings Corporation. “This gives the home’s HVAC system and ventilation system complete control over the indoor environment and allows the systems to work more efficiently.”

“When it comes to energy efficiency, there’s no silver bullet. Homeowners have to look at how all of a home’s systems will work together,” Wilson says. “The VISION House serves as a living classroom to educate families about these options so they can make wise choices.”

Along with Rhino Linings, these companies’ products also contributed to the HERS rating of the exhibit:

High-efficiency heating and cooling system by Trane Ventilation systems by Panasonic
Solar PV modules from Hanwha Solar Energy-efficient doors and windows from Pella Energy Star-qualified appliances by Bosch

LED lighting solutions by Sylvania

About Innoventions:
INNOVENTIONS is located in the heart of Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Creativity and imagination abound as guests celebrate inspiration and the innovations that improve their lives and expand their horizons. Hands-on, interactive exhibits allow children and adults to be immersed into ideas that inform, entertain and inspire – conquer the most dangerous house in America, protect the environment from the daily waste we create, design your own thrill ride and push the limits of everyday products as we make the world a safer place. For more information on INNOVENTIONS visit www.innoventions.disney.com.

About Epcot®:
Epcot® is one of four fascinating theme parks located in the Walt Disney World® Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Epcot® allows guests to travel to eleven countries on four continents, explore land and sea adventures, experience future technologies and journey into their imagination – all in one vacation. With its many must- see dazzling shows, interactive experiences and amazing attractions, Epcot® is truly a celebration of human achievement and discovery.

Download the case study here http://www.rhinoapplicators.com/images/stories/Case%20Studies/Insulation/Vision%20House.pdf?mc_cid=79e6fad829&mc_eid=65b31d5006

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