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Slidell Spray Foam Insulation

Slidell Spray Foam InsulationIf you are tired of having your electric bill go through the roof every month, then give spray foam insulation the opportunity to easily solve your problem.

It’s no secret Slidell, La can be hot and humid almost 75% of the year, which means we pay more per year than most regions to constantly run our air conditioners. Luckily, there is a simple way you can pretty much reduce your electric bill by 50 to 65 percent by making a small investment. Lets look at it this way just to give you an idea. So, if you are currently paying $350.00 a month on your electric bill, that is roughly $4,200.00 a year. If you cut that bill in half, in one years time you would save a total of $2,100.00.  That would be a total of $10,500.00 you would save in the next five years.

Slidell Spray Foam Insulation (2)Now I’m sure you are thinking, “How much will it cost me to get my home spray foamed?”. Well, believe it or not the average cost to spray an average sized home in the Slidell area is between $2,500.00 and $3,500.00. See that’s really not that bad considering it will virtually pay for itself in the first twelve months. Not to mention the tax credits and incentives you will be eligible for once the insulation is installed.

So, if you are tired of throwing dollars away every 30 days give Green Apple Spray Foam Insulation a call, we will gladly come out and give you an estimate. You can contact via phone at 877-Go-Green or 985-326-3680, or send us an email by using our simple contact form located here. Click Here To Send Us an Email

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