Spray Foam Your Cold SubFloor!

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Spray Foam Your Cold SubFloor!

spray foam your cold floorsYour subfloor should always be insulated correctly.  If not, it is more prone to get rodents, insects, etc. that will ruin your beautiful home.  What’s good about having spray foam installed is that it will not allow mold growth so you’ll be protected from that as well! 

Another good thing about having your subfloor sprayed is that it’s winter and our feet are going to be getting cold – but this is your solution!  When your subfloor is sprayed with spray foam, it makes your home feel much warmer. 

Also, with your subfloor insulated with spray foam, it will lower your cost in utility bills by at least 25% per year, as well as making your home soundproof and getting rid of those noisy creaks in your home.  Spray foam is used on your subfloors because of its adhesive qualities.  Once sprayed, it will always be there and performing at its fullest potential.

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